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For those who are shopping for the first time at mail-order corner of our website, as well as customers who always use, we have prepared a usage guide to enjoy more smooth shopping. Please use it by all means. In addition, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts about things you do not understand about products or other delivery. * We have set up a service that is easy for customers to use. For details please contact us.

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How to purchase

1) Add to Cart 2) To purchase procedure
3) Enter basic information
4) Payment method selection
5) Confirmation of purchase content
6) Order Complete
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Disclaimer on purchase of goods

Thank you very much for using godblinc's mail order corner. When using this website, the following matters shall be exempted. Please understand that customers using this site considers the contents of this disclaimer as consent.

(1) In the case of items purchased as a pre-order, there are cases where the arrival date is slightly different depending on the circumstances of the manufacturer or the convenience of transportation. As soon as the delivery date changes, we will contact you by phone or e-mail promptly, but in that case please be appreciated.

(2) If the delivery schedule of the item is delayed, we will not receive a delivery schedule notification. We are sorry to trouble you, but please confirm the time of delivery date and check the scheduled date on the customer side. In addition, the name of the shipping company responsible for shipping is stated in the e-mail text of "shipping arrangements completed" we are sending from our company at the time of shipment.

(3) At the time of delivery of goods, there are occasions when products purchased by falling etc. are damaged in rare cases. We will arrange for returns or exchanges as soon as possible, so please contact us.

(4) Filled in when you purchase The customer's phone number, address, mail address, etc. shall be treated as contacts at the time of payment or delivery, the damage caused by such change or mistake of the contact We will not bear any responsibility for.

(5) Invalidation of contract based on mistake
Although we pay close attention to the price of the items posted on this site, due to an artificial mistake, the influence of the system, etc., the listed price may differ from the actual selling price. In that case I am really sorry, based on the Civil Code Article 95 "Invalid Contract based on Mistake", we may cancel your order at our discretion. (In that case we will contact you once) Please acknowledge it beforehand.

Thank you for your understanding and agreeing to use.