Notation of Specified Commercial Transactions

Distributor name God Blink Co., Ltd.
Officer responsible From Izumi Elementary Expo
Location TY: 0561 - 74 - 7067 (* Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, our company designated day off)
FAX: 0561 - 74 - 7068 < / td>
Required fee other than product price All our products, our company partner's products are displayed at the price including tax. In the case of order where a cash-on-delivery charge is generated, it is stated on the settlement page, so please check before purchasing. In addition, in the case of bank transfer, the customer pays the transfer fee.
Sales price It displays for each product.
In the campaign and discount period, the image and payment screen amount may differ. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
Payment method
  • Bank transfer
    【Transfer destination】
    Gifu Shinkin Bank Ueda branch (ordinary) 1155400) God blink                                 
  • Online credit card settlement
  • Price substitution
Payment deadline
                                    Bank Transfer: Pay the item price within 10 days after the notification mail of the total amount has arrived from our company.
  • Credit card: by each credit card company.
  • Price substitution: Cash on delivery upon arrival of goods.
Invalidation of contract based on mistake We pay close attention to the price of the items posted on this site, but due to artificial mistake, system influence etc. the listed price may differ from the actual selling price.
We are sorry in that case, but we may cancel your order at our discretion based on Civil Code Article 95 "Invalid Contract based on Mistake". (In that case we will contact you once)
Please note that you acknowledge it beforehand.