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Today, thank you very much for coming to the godblinc website.
Our company is a company mainly dealing with motorcycle helmets and supplies. We have reached today, if we can build a sales company that includes services that can meet the various needs of customers who are looking for supplies such as helmets and gloves. In recent years, I think that there are not a few cases where you feel uneasy about inexpensive helmets and supplies you found in online mail order. We opened this site with a product introduction page, so that customers can purchase products and can eliminate the trouble until it reaches you and the uneasy materials as much as possible.
All our products are produced at overseas plants (Vietnam, Taiwan, China etc.). By doing a direct tender purchase from this factory, we can make significant price improvement that we could not have had. Regarding helmets, our staff will go to the site and inspect all items and store them in the domestic warehouse. Although our burden is certainly large, this merit is very large, it has become possible to offer products that had been expensive so far at a low price without degrading the quality.
By doing as much service as possible, we aim to support the motorcycle life of everyone, aiming at the domestic largest motorcycle helmet, supplies sales company.

Management philosophy

"Everything is for a motorcycle ride"
We are thinking that we would like to do work that makes motorbike rides all over the world smile. We strive to make products that can secure the safety of motorcycles, products that can make a good motorcycle ride, and products that our staff would like to ride more on motorcycles day by day.

tTh> Employees
Company name godblinc Co., Ltd.
Head Office 1 - chome, Nishi - shi, Aichi Prefecture 470-0136 Tel: 0561 - 74 - 7067 Fax: 0561 - 74 - 7068 (24 hours reception)
Business hours Weekday 10: 00 ~ 17: 00 (※ Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, our designated day off)
Representative Representative Director From Izumi Ezumi Hiroshi
2 people (as of the end of February 2017)
establishment September 2016
Business content Helmets for motorcycles, sales of supplies

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