Regarding the terms of sale

These Terms and Conditions shall establish all terms and conditions concerning commodity trading of God Blink Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company").
The user shall approve the following content and receive an application for product purchase, this order shall be applied from the time the order is made by the user and we received the order from our company.

Article 1 Scope and changes of these Terms

The regulations and rules published to the user at any time through the service of this service online or by means of our company constitute a part of this agreement and the user accepts and accepts it We shall assume. In addition, we may change this agreement arbitrarily, and if you use this service after changing the terms, you accept the change. This change will be announced at any time through means provided by us.

Article 2 Ordering method

(1) The user places an order to our company in accordance with the method separately specified by us by our company.
(2) When we receive the order from the preceding paragraph from the user, we shall make an answer of acceptance or rejection as soon as possible to the user. In addition, we can ship products to users instead of accepting or rejecting answers.
(3) If we do not answer acceptance or rejection after a considerable period of time else, or when we do not ship the item, we will confirm whether we refused the order to our company.

Payment of Article 3

In accordance with the terms of this agreement, we will sell the products ordered by the user on a continuous basis and the user shall pay the price to us.
In addition, when the user fails to pay the price of this product by the deadline stipulated by our company, we judge that there is no intention to purchase and can cancel the order. (In case of advance prepayment)

Article 4 Payment method, due date

We will set the payment due date for the item price as follows and we will pay according to the method specified by our company.
However, we will obey this, especially when we decide payment date and payment method.
(Transfer fee, cash on delivery commission shall be borne by the user.)

■ Bank transfer ■

We will pay the item price within 10 days after receiving notification mail of total amount from our company

■ Price exchange ■

Pay the item price in exchange for goods at the time of product delivery

■ Credit card payment ■

Pay on a day based on each credit card company regulation

Article 5 Delay in payment

(1) If the user neglects to pay the product purchase price in this service by the deadline specified by us, pay the delayed damages by the rate of 10% per year until it is paid will do. In that case, we can suspend the use of all or some of the services offered to users, or cancel this agreement, so that we will take all responsibility for any damage incurred by the user I will not bear it.
(2) For any delay of payment by the user, any expenses required by our company for the claim shall be charged to the user regardless of the reason.

Article 6 Return of goods

As a general rule, we do not approve about the return of goods.
However, if it falls under the following items, this is not the case.

(1) From the time of arrival, when there is a clear abnormality (initial malfunction), such as alteration, deformation, breakage, etc. on goods
(2) When both of our company and users accept erroneous delivery of merchandise

Article 7 jurisdictional court

If there is a need for litigation between the user and our company, we will make Nagoya District Court Aichi district court jurisdictional court of the first instance.

(Updated on 2016/12)