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Commitment of godblinc

We mainly deal in supplies such as helmets and gloves, which are necessary for riding a motorcycle. Products are produced in Taiwan, Vietnam, China etc. We are selling to domestic and overseas. I also order the liver "everything is a motorcycle ride" that is also a management philosophy, and I continue to challenge for making good products. We will do all the goods inspection by the Japanese at the local factory and import convincing products. Regardless of price, our policy is to contact with an important helmet that protects the lives of people, with love and passion.

About godblinc of Motorcycle Helmet / Equipment Sales

Attitude towards manufacturing without compromising

godblinc products are mainly produced in Vietnam, Taiwan, China. We believe that it is one of the means for customers to realize an affordable price. It is commonplace to be able to make good and expensive goods. How can we provide good products at a reasonable price to our customers? As a motto, we continue our efforts daily. Even though we could set cheaply with our efforts, helmets for motorcycles are important things to protect people's lives, so no compromise is allowed. Regarding helmets, our staff is doing "all items inspection" at the local factory and we are building a system that can deliver safe and reliable products.The era of "cheapest = bad" is already over, good We are convinced that the time to deliver goods at reasonable prices has come.